Wisdom Tid Bits

In your roles as New Thought leaders you may have written a short article for a newsletter or other informal publication, or written out parts of a Sunday talk that you would like to share with others.  Sometimes this can be used as a “jumping off” point for another person to use for their own work.  If you would like to share a bit of your wisdom with others, please do so here in the Leave a Reply/Comment area below.

2 Responses to Wisdom Tid Bits

    Rev. Dr. Stella Pizelo

    Last year one of the secretaries at the school where I worked won an all-expense paid trip to the Super Bowl. This included airfare, hotel, meals, pre-game events, meeting the players, etc. As our secretary was not a huge football fan I saw the need to create for her a glossary of football terms, so she could be better prepared for her trip. I couldn’t help but give the terms a Practical Spirituality twist of meaning. The glossary included these kinds of words and translated meanings:

    The fans…..enthusiastic individualized spirituality co-learners

    The team…..people of like mind, going in the same direction

    The players’ play book…..aka Treat and Move your Feet

    4 quarters of the game…..seasons of life, in a fast–forward mode

    A fumble…..a temporary loss of spiritual momentum

    Line of Scrimmage…..the point from which we learn that what we think is what we get

    Looks inside…..A person who checks out their actions with emotional clarity

    Blind play…..act of faith

    Going to the huddle…..meeting with one’s practitioner or Master Mind group

    Face Mask Penalty…..not acting out of principle

    Flag on the play…..someone else in a striped shirt has noticed that you’re not acting out of principle and are missing the mark

    Hail Mary…..performing or doing, knowing that you are not subject to the Law of Averages

    Touchdown…..the overcoming of obstacles

    Super Bowl Victory…..no special ring or trophy needed, just living every day in love with joy and gusto!

  2. I just loved this. Maybe we could get more people to write about specific topic each month. I know at the end the Science of Mind Magazine there is a piece that talks about submitting articles about specific topic of the month. Wow! just think of the topics that could be explored for October. —- wearing of–fear of the monsters in the dark–how to shed light on them and on and on. I could just imagine so many things. October is the time of Trick or Treat. Isn’t that kind of what we do to ourselves when we fall into the trap of believing what is on the service is what’s real instead of finding the real treats in life. Of course I live in Wanda World where imagination reigns and anything is possible. I looking forward to seeing what everyone writes in for the fall newsletter. You all inspire me and give me a different perspective on things I often think about.

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